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The Heidelberg Tango scanner is ideally suited for high-resolution scans. Its contact surface is a glass drum. The scanning of the originals is effected by means of a spiral optical system. This accomplished, the scanner has a very good sharpness and is capable of a density value of up to 4.2 implement exactly, ie even in dark areas can recognize the subtle gradations, creating an optimal depth. The resolution range is between 100 - 11000th dpi. 

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Pikaia Drumscanning is based in Antwerp, Belgium and run by two photographers, Jim Campers and Nick Geboers. The scans are being made with a Heidelberg Tango drumscanner to get the most detail, in both shadow and highlight areas, out of the positive or negative film. Every image deserves specific attention towards getting the best output format and is being scanned as a 16 Bit per Channel (48 Bit RGB) Tiff file.

  • Scans are made on a high end Heidelberg (Tango) drumscanner.

  • Drumscanning method gets the most detail, in both shadow and highlight areas, out of positive and negative films.

  • The scans are suited for high quality digital archiving, large format prints, fine art books, web use, promotional prints, etc.

  • Every image has its own characteristics and deserves specific attention towards getting the best output format.

  • Files are delivered as a 16 Bit per Channel, 48 Bit RGB, Tiff file.

  • Film sizes from 35mm up to 8x10inch. Max. scan size 450x480mm.

  • Orders can be placed by email.

  • Film can be delivered at our office or via insured postal services.

  • Refer to the film size table for more information or contact us via e-mail or phone.

  • We are also capable of scanning reflective surfaces such as photographic prints and illustrations, which could be interesting to produce large wallpapers, high end reproductions for exhibition prints, etcetera. Keep in mind that the originals have to be mounted on a cylindrical drum, so these have to be flexible.



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scan examples

scan size: 125x100 @300dpi

Film type: 4x5" Kodak Ektar 100


scan size: 80x50 @300dpi

Film type: 35mm RolleiRetro 80s 


scan size: 125x100 @300dpi

Film type: 8x10" Fomapan 100


Crop at 100%


Crop at 100%


Crop at 100%

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